Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zoning of my property?

Are farm animals regulated by Zoning?

  • No

Are noise levels regulated by Zoning?

  • No

Is fencing regulated by Zoning & Building Codes?

  • No

Who do I contact about overgrowth, trash vacant dilapidated structures, inoperable vehicles, zoning issues?

When are permits required?

  • When constructing any building structure, pool, decks, additions, renovations, manufactured housing and grading.

Are plans required for new typical residential construction permits?

  • No

What documents are required to obtain a building permit?

  • Application, septic permit and driveway permit

Who do I contact for a driveway permit?

  • Washington County Highway Department, 423-753-1714

Who do I contact about my septic system or obtain my septic permits?

Does Washington County issue electrical permits?

Are tiny homes allowed in Washington County?

  • Yes - Anywhere single family dwellings are allowed and must be site built and located on a permanent foundation.  Check for subdivision and deed restrictions.

Are barn-dominium style dwellings allowed in Washington County?

  • Yes - Anywhere single family dwellings are allowed.  Stamped drawings from a design professional are required for all alternative construction methods.

Does Washington County issue a permit for a manufactured home?

  • Yes - For zoning compliance only, i.e. setbacks, yard stablization

Does Washington County conduct inspections for setting up a manufactured home?