Testing Services

Communicable Disease Services

Through reported cases of infectious diseases and human infestation, the Health Department maintains an ongoing study of disease incidence and distribution. Dependent upon the nature of the disease and its potential community threat, procedures for control may vary. Diagnosis, treatment, and contact investigation are made pertaining to communicable diseases, such as sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis, Salmonella, and other diseases. Parasitic infestations are investigated for area incidence and source of transmission with consultation provided for control measures. The Health Department's primary efforts in Tuberculosis control are directed toward individuals with Tuberculosis and their contacts. 

Diagnosis and treatment are provided for those who can remain at home through drug therapy. Chest x-rays and sputum testing are available when required.

HIV Testing & Counseling

The Health Department offers HIV Testing and counseling on a confidential basis. The HIV test consists of a pre-test counseling session, and the patient is scheduled back in two weeks for tests results and a post-test counseling session to reduce risk behavior. The HIV Test is free to the public.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Program

The Health Department provides diagnosis, treatment, and partner notification for persons infected with a sexually transmitted disease. All services are completely confidential.