A worker checks product quality at Nakatetsu Machining TechnologiesStrength in Diversity: County's Jobs Base Suited to the New Economy

Washington County has a diverse economic base, and one that is well-suited to the 21st-century economy. Its primary employment sectors include education (not unsurprising with a 15,000-student university in Johnson City), government and health care. The county is also home to a diverse set of industrial employers, is a major player in the call center market, and is the premier retail destination for a large geographic area extending into Southwest Virginia and Western North Carolina. These factors all have helped Washington County consistently boast one of the 10 lowest unemployment rates of Tennessee's 95 counties.

Washington County's leaders are working closely with other local governments, as well as regional, state and national partners, to ensure that the community maintains good public education systems, and a strong worker training network that includes technical, community and four-year colleges. They're also hard at recruiting new employers, and helping existing ones stay strong and expand, by keeping taxes affordable and helping make it easy to do business.

Job Placement

View a few links to websites that offer job training and placement opportunities and/or help wanted ads for the Washington County job market: