District Attorney General

Steve Finney is the District Attorney (DA) for the First Judicial District. Finney and his staff cover a wide range of legal and criminal issues throughout the district, which is comprised of Washington, Unicoi, Carter and Johnson Counties.


The DA's office receives state funding through the Tennessee District Attorney Generals Conference, which prepares budgets for the state's 31 judicial districts. The conference apportions funds for everything from personnel to computers and supplies. The First District DA's office supplements its funding with grants.

Some of the grants that help supplement the DA's budget are for drug enforcement, DUI enforcement (from a state Highway Safety grant), victim advocacy and support, and domestic violence grant.


Finney's office includes 11 attorneys who work cases in Washington County, four in Carter County and one each in Johnson and Unicoi counties. Additionally, there are two attorneys assigned solely to child support enforcement, and they are supported by 19 child support caseworkers.

Fight Against Meth

To learn more about the fight against meth, visit the MethFreeTN website, sponsored by the Tennessee District Attorney General's Conference.