Tire Center

Washington County Tire CenterThe five regular convenience centers where residents can take household waste and recyclables are not permitted to accept waste tires. Instead, tires must be brought to the county's waste tire site at the address listed above. Tires are accepted by appointment. On site payment can be made by check. For other forms of payment, information and/or appointments please call 423-773-6473..  

Effective July 1, 2022, there is a fee to dispose of tires at the center. 

Washington County Tire Prices

Manifested Tire Dealers$2.00
per Passenger/Small Farm Tire (Non-Manifested)$4.00
per Passenger/Small Farm Tire on Rim$6.00
per Tire for Semi/Large (Manifested & Non-Manifested$10.00

Tires on Rims (Put In Trailer)

Passenger Tires$12.00
Semi-Truck Tires$45.00
Agricultural Tires$65.00

Large Tires

Agricultural tires (Over 48")$32.00
Tires with Large Rim Bead (Over 1")$65.00
Heavy Equipment Tires (Mining, OTR, Foam Filled)$110.00


Please remember: Old tires laying around hold water, this attracts mosquitoes, which carries various diseases.